marika saard

Based on my own experience I can say that metaphor cards 
can be used in every session and with every topic!
There are no limits to using the cards - this method fits into every job!

I am a certified supervisor/ coach. I am a social work organizer by education and I own a master’s degree in service design. In addition to that I have done several trainings in psychology, art therapy and supervision. At the moment i study psychology. I have worked in the social field for over 10 years and I have been the leader of a depressioon support group. At this current moment I am a supervisor / coach and a service designer .

I have developed the series of cards called „Contemplation“ that are meant for an additional tool for supervisors, coaches, psychologists, therapists and other professionals working in the field. At this moment there are four different packs of cards and we are working on the fifth one. I have carried through several workshops on the use of metaphor cards in my home country. 

In relation to the metaphor cards I have developed, in 2018 the Estonian Supervision and Coaching Association awarded me for the contribution and development of the field.


You can be a "Contemplation Cards" distributor in your country!
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