contemplation journey and system cards

"CONTEMPLATION journey and system cards" 

The life paths of all of us are unique and one of a kind. We have taken erroneous paths and hence, we may be afraid of making mistakes. The difficulties we have overcome may prove to be obstacles in a certain sense and discourage us from following our wishes. Or on the contrary… the hard times we have conquered may give us the boldness to create something new, break onto unfamiliar territory that has not been walked on, fulfil our dreams and become our own heroes. Sometimes we may find ourselves in circumstances where nothing seems to work out as had been hoped – this is simply life testing whether the goals and dreams we have established are indeed our heart’s true desires.

All people remember stages and processes of life that are of significance. Nevertheless, there are moments of life, either forgotten or hidden knowingly, in all of us. Contemplation journey and system cards assist in understanding the different stages and processes in the life of a person. The cards enable to analyse the past, the present and visualise the future – observe your childhood, education, career, life changes, relationship patterns, future plans etc. - all in all, all aspects of life. It is your story and only you can live it! It is your journey and only you can follow it through!

Includes: large foldable landscape map (42*42 cm); 40 small landscape cards (7*7 cm); 10 wooden dolls; 80 emotion word cards; 100 values word cards and some exercises.

Word cards are: in English, Germany, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Latvian, Russian and Estonian
Exercises are: in English, Germany, Spanish, Russian and Estonian